Poetry London

Poetry London was created by poet Cornelia Hoogland in partnership with the Landon Branch Library in the fall of 2004 to serve as a focus for poetry in London, Ontario. Poetry London celebrates accomplished local poets, and also cooperates with Toronto’s Art Bar, The Hamilton Poetry Centre, Ancaster’s Redeemer College, and London’s Fanshawe College to provide national poets a multi-stop Ontario tour. Past seasons have included a dynamic mix of voices, including Governor General’s award winners Tim Lilburn, Jan Zwicky, Anne Compton, and Patrick Lane, newer writers such as Sue Sinclair, Alison Pick and Adam Dickinson, and local talent such as Christopher Dewdney and Don Gutteridge.

Poetry London gratefully acknowledges the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The League of Canadian Poets, The London Arts Council, The City of London, and the London Public Library.

We also thank the London Hilton, Ben Thanh restaurant, Brick Books, InPrint Copy & Design, and our individual donors for their continuing support and involvement.

Prior to each reading, Poetry London workshop coordinator Michelle Doege facilitates a writing workshop – a discussion of poetry by the evening’s featured poets and two workshop participants. Those interested are encouraged to bring a poem and arrive at 6:30 pm. No registration is required.

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